Prevention and Screening


Cancer-Free Families for Kentuckyis a partnership between KCP, Kentucky Former First Lady Jane Beshear, and Madeline Abramson, wife of Kentucky's former Lieutenant Governor.  The program seeks to make Kentuckians aware of ways to prevent cancer and find it early.  The Cancer-Free Families for Kentucky brochure (PDF) has a list of cancer screenings and lifestyle choices to prevent cancer.


Cancer Prevention and Screening Benefits for Kentuckians explains what you need to know:  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may offer you cancer prevention and screening benefits at no cost through a doctor who works with your insurance company.  It shows you what benefits you could receive based on your age.  Available flyers for viewing are listed below:


Play It Safe In The Sun aims to educate the public about skin cancer and to promote sun safety practices through:

  • Exhibits featuring free information and sunscreen samples at golf tournaments, swim meets, tennis tournaments and other outdoor events in the Metro Louisville area.
  • Educational programs for youth through summer camps and community parks.
  • Education and awareness programs for college athletes and sports fans including skin cancer prevention messages on stadium jumbotrons.

Cancer Factsheets

These easy-to-read fact sheets can be downloaded and duplicated in color or black and white for distribution at community events.



Find a free or low cost screening through state and local programs statewide.  Call your local or county health department for information.

  • Kentucky Women's Cancer Screening Program (KWCSP). This program provides breast and cervical screenings and follow-up services, professional education, public education, outreach, quality assurance and surveillance.  Screening and follow-up services are provided from local health care providers through contracts with local health departments.  The program is funded by both state and federal governments and is part of the national Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.


  • Mobile Mammography is available in the Louisville area through the UofL Hospital and James Graham Brown Cancer Center.  Women 40 years and over are welcome, and there is no cost to income eligible women without insurance.  Call (502) 852-6318 for information. Mobile Mammography Schedule


  • Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (KCCSP) funds colon cancer tests for low income, uninsured Kentuckians.  Those age 50 and older (age 45 and older for African Americans) or at high risk for colon cancer are eligible.  The tests are provided at 15 health departments throughout the state, in partnership with local health departments.  For information, call 1-800-633-8100.


  • State Fair Screeningsare done each year for several different types of cancer at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.  Past fairs have included screenings for breast, prostate, and skin cancer.  No appointments are needed.  Call (502) 852-6318 for information.


  • Healthy Fathers for Kentucky Families is a program to educate Kentucky men about prostate cancer screening and to organize free screenings at the Kentucky State Fair and in communities across the state.  KCP has partnered with former Lieutenant Governor Steve Henry and the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition.  Watch the KCP events calendar on our home page for screening opportunities.