Tobacco Cessation


KCP helps tobacco users stop smoking or using spit tobacco products by improving access to group classes, resources, information, and Kentucky's tobacco Quitline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW.  Want to stop using tobacco?

  • Plan to Be Tobacco Free is KCP's free one-time program for those planning to quit tobacco use.  The session lasts up to an hour and helps tobacco users prepare to be successful with the latest information on medications, free resources, and recommended options.  For more information, call your regional KCP office.


  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW, Kentucky's Tobacco Quitline, offers one-on-one coaching for tobacco users who are ready to quit.  This eight-minute video features people who have called the Quitline and the coaches who provide support.  View video.


  • Aspire is a teen-savvy online tobacco prevention and cessation program for middle and high school students.  The self-paced program features original videos, animation and games; testimonies from peers, doctors, smokers and non-smokers; information on short- and long-term health consequences of tobacco; tips and resources to avoid the temptation to smoke or to stop smoking.  Aspire website.


  • Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence in Kentucky Hospitals is now available to help hospitals address patients' tobacco use and implement tobacco-free policies.  For information or to order the program, call KCP at (502) 852-6318.


  • Louisville Jefferson County Partnership in Cancer Control recently expanded its focus to include tobacco control.  This coalition is working to increase the ability of individuals, businesses, and community as a whole to become tobacco free.  Steps the Partnership is taking include working to increase the availability of stop smoking classes, and sharing information on smoke-free policies.